The :Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law (GCCL) is the community that performs its duties on the highest laws known to man. These laws are the principles of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible.


This community of interest is commonly known as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and is recognized by the United Nations. As the GCCL is performing its duties in many territories and lands it is classified an International NGO (INGO).


The duties include:


The protection of minors/children and all other vulnerable members of the global community as well as training those to protect themselves from predators.


The initiation and the conduct of the conciliation proceedings as well as bringing offenders to justice that perform deliberately and knowingly harm and loss.

The preparation of emergency plans and their implementation for the benefit of the human community.

Helping living men and women, that are victims of arbitrariness, harassment, terrorism and fraud. To keep nature in order as well as to encourage and educate the people for the purpose of reversing damage done.


Educating the people in the highest principles known to man.