We are not



 What we are not

 The GCCL is not what self centered, power hungry narcissists might claim by spouting out malicious slander:





Some people would like to brand us Reich Citizen, State Deniers, Conspiracy Theorist, Right Wing Extremists, Left Wing Extremists or whatever the flavour of the month is.

Far from it, as we only strive for righteousness and request that the so called powers of authority perform their duties. When officials of the government and other public servants abuse their position, to commit acts of rape against humanity, it is everyones duty to stop them and when necessary to bring them to justice.

When officials of the government, judges, prosecutors and others do not do their upmost to stop actions of child abuse or protect child abusers from prosecution, which is daily business, then we the people of this world are obliged to stop such heinous crimes.



A sect


 Just because we are using the highest principles known to man as the foundation for the arbitration does not mean that we are a religious organisation. Find us better laws [if you can] and we will use them instead.



 We want to overthrow the government


What would that be good for? We tend to follow common sense. Common sense tells us to request common sense, We request the obeyance of the human rights and the duties the government officials have towards the public and in return we do our duty. We dispise all individuals that degrade and humiliate the crown of the creation by making living man and women slaves to satanic self declared masters for the purpose of enrichment and power. We do not want to take part in the sinning against the Holy Spirit.



 We are a phantasy court


Common law courts are in existance in the US as well as all Commonwelth Countries and the UK and Ireland.

On top of it, due to the fact that these courts are confirmed by various court rulings in the UK and Ireland, they have to be accepted throughout the entire European Union. This remains to be the case despite the UK having left the EU.

Further, it is a lawful requirement to accept the biblical judicial system, which is based on exactly what the GCCL performs. Any discrediting is an act of the followers of the ideology of the father of the lie and thus, the sinning against the Holy Spirit.