The :Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law (GCCL) is the human rights community based on the knowledge of the community law. The community law was granted by the source of life. Thus, it is the highest law for man.


The members of the GCCL have come to the realisation that they lawfully have the right to true justice, which is righteousness. Because of this the members of the GCCL request from any living man and woman to live to the highest principles and when violated to settle by arbitration rather than judgement.


The GCCL is exclusively for the benefit of humans, animals and nature. The most important part of its activities is to help the needy and the community.


All members of the GCCL are committed to perform life and to protect the minors, the discriminated, the community’s vulnerable, as well as those who have become victims of arbitrariness. Of course, the protection of wildlife and nature are evenly our duty to perform.


The members of the GCCL welcome all that seek true justice, which include members of the police force and other agencies.


Further information can be requested by e-mail at the following address: