The GCCL (:Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law) is the community that seeks true justice for every human being when requested to do so. Being the community for the human rights, as specified in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, it is based on the highest principles and laws known to man. Thus the GCCL works with the longest continuously practiced common law, which at the same time is not partial, because our creator does not know partiality as expressed in Romans 2:11.


The members of the GCCL neither are interested in religious displays nor in any cults. The sole interest is in the benefit for the worldwide community and the truth, which the bible does provide for every member of the community.


The GCCL primarily handles matters in which the agreement has not yet been reached. The GCCL is not money-oriented. It works simply on the biblical recommendations to make sure that harm and loss are settled. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that the parties involved endeavour to resolve their disputes before the arbitration could take place.


Because the biblical law is Community law, it promotes the spirit of the functioning community for the benefit of the community. For this reason, the members of the GCCL work together to resolve any issues affecting the individual member of the community as well as the entire community. This includes the fight against corruption, child abuse, fraud, natural disasters and food shortages.


The duty of the members of the GCCL is also to care for the victims of rape, the infirm and those neglected by the so-called authorities or by the misuse of trust, in contrast to the daily practice of the fictitious courts. In addition, the members of the GCCL are committed to perform life, treating others with respect, caring for animals, and preserving nature in general in order to preserve our planet as our Creator has instructed us. And last but not least, the members of the GCCL do their best to keep peace.