Filing Documents


The :Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law offers all members and non-members the digital document filing service for their Live-Life Claim, Medical Proxy, Preventive Power of Attorney, Declaration of the Will and the commitment to the Liberal Democratic Constitution.

The purpose of this service is to make sure that neither any institution nor any living man and/or woman will question the validity of your declarations and to make sure that your rights granted by the power of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible are preserved.

To ensure this protection, the Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law is duty-bound and honour-bound to help you claim your human rights by the People Power of the members of the Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law.

All filed documents are listed on a plastic card in credit card format. This verifies that these filed are deposited. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry all documents with you all the time.


Seal of approval for the trade


The commercial world treats practically everything like corporations. This includes the legal name. Thus, living people become objects that are categorized. This gives the government corporations the opportunity to direct their own affairs so that they can act against our own volition. Because corporations are incompetent to make decisions for the living human, only them can make that choice. Therefore, only humans have the right to make their own decisions and are allowed to trade with companies that act on human rights grounds.

This, in turn, means that humans can obtain products made for humans without the interference of corporations and so called governmental institutions not having at heart the interest of the living men and women.

The GCCL offers a seal of quality to all that offer their products and services to the benevolence of the people, the community and wild life.