Our Mission



As the community of interest of the people we are, it is our aim to work towards the ever increasing peaceful community that mankind is intended to be on the global level.


Peace is exclusively the result of applying the highest principle known to men, which is the performance of the unconditional brotherly love that the greatest man that ever lived had shown to mankind.


The natural affection of the natural living beings obliges us to protect the well being of our children and the vulnerable ones as well keeping nature in good order. We stand up to the demand performing our honour-bound duty proving that we are a real Non-Governmental Organisation that allows to perform the tolerance needed, when it comes to the frailties of our fellow men and women.


Every member of the GCCL is fully aware that division, envy, corruption, selfishness, narcissism, lies and deception are the roots of hatred, war and terrorism. Hence, we strive to counteract such acts for the purpose to reach the peace and righteousness, we all need and show the gratitude for what our creator has provided for us.