It is the agreed principle that the functioning community depends on simple laws. Such laws are made for the human being and to benefit each individual in the community. Unlike the corporate courts, the GCCL community handles all matters with dignity.



Thus, it is impossible to handle the matters of the GCCL according to the fictitious idea that man is made for the law.



Laws neither are statutes nor regulations nor rules nor instructions. Thus, statutes, regulations, rules and instructions are the humiliation for the living men and women. Laws are principles to go along with for the benefit of each member of the society. Principles neither seek loopholes nor will they cause divisions.



When it is necessary to give counsel, it must be for the benefit of the community and must be consistent with the few fundamental principles that the GCCL is governed by.



By applying this simple concept, the oldest way of living together is practiced: the community lives its community law, the principles of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. And so it is the agreed principle that the principles of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible are the foundation of the members of the GCCL.



In order to guarantee that man can claim his lawfully granted rights, he must apply the simplest laws, found in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. This can be done under any circumstances. Neither the need for regime change nor the use of violence is necessary to claim mans lawfully guaranteed rights.



The GCCL and its community stand for peace and unity as a community in a divided world.



The members of the GCCL are committed to protecting children from abuse, violence and pedophile and pedosexual perpetrators, as well as against discrimination and corruption. Likewise for the protection of the elderly and disadvantaged and for the protection of wildlife and the benevolence of the community.