When help is needed


Do not hesitate to contact the GCCL for the reasons below at when help is needed.


Protection for Children


The first task of the community and the GCCL is the protection of the children, which is taken very seriously.

The GCCL has members that are very familiar with the needs of the victims of the most evil criminal offences committed by pedosexuals. These people have the knowledge of how to meet the needs of minors who are victims of such acts of violence and offer their help to those affected. This service is especially for the minors. However, we are aware that their relatives often suffer and this is also helped by our members.

In addition, the GCCL is taking on reports that may lead to the prosecution of the perpetrators as well as making provisions to protect children from potential harm and further exposure to their perpetrators.

All reports and calls will be handled with the focus on protecting the affected and will be handled keeping the victims and callers undisclosed in any way required.


Victims of other sexually related Violence


All victims of such heinous crimes are welcome to contact us for support. The GCCL and its members see it as their duty to protect and help any victim to prevent further abuse of the vulnerable.


Victims of any violence related crimes


 Children and the elderly alike need as much protection as they need the care. The Holy Scriptures of the Bible demand that we fulfil our due diligence. The members of the GCCL therefore strive to meet the needs of the vulnerable.


 Employees of the POLICE and other public institutions


All employees of public bodies that are victims of harassment of any kind either because their conscience doesn’t allow them to perform their job any longer or because of discrimination are welcome to contact the GCCL members for support.