Instruments available through the GCCL:


The documents listed below are available through members of the Global-Court-of-the-Common-Law and the GCCL. These will help the users to comprehend the contents and the correct use of the instruments.

Please note: The documents are copyclaimed/copyright instruments that may be freely used by anyone fully comprehending the contents of the respective documents, provided that they do neither use them for the purpose of enrichment nor for the assertion of false claims.


Live-Life Claim


It is a common misconception to believe that in the legal matters men and women are treated as living human bings. In the real world, the so-called justice system handles us humans as dead entities and drags us into fiction for the purpose of fraud and enrichment.

Another mistake is believing that we need to declare ourselves living beings. The truth is, that we need to declare that we have been slandered and falsely claimed legally dead by the use of the fraudulent conveyance of the language.

The Live-Life Claim is the very first step to be able to claim our rights.


The Liberal Democratic Constitution


Every human being is required to autograph the Liberal Democratic Constitution in order to declare themselves loyal to the human rights laws. The failure to autograph vcrifies that those do not accept and respect the rights of anyone wanting to be part of one of the three  pillars of the sovereign state and thus are to be classified as anti-state (subversive) and must not be employed or act in the puplic interest.



Declaration of the Will


The BAR-Association regards every human being as an object that needs a guardian. That is arbitrarily presumed. Due to the presumed incompetence and the fact that the members of the BAR-Association consider us humans legally dead, even the liberty is taken to remove organs from the human beings, which accounts to murder, because organs for transplantation and/or organ replacement only can be removed from alive bodies.

In addition, the guardian may detain anyone who is considered incompetent at any given time and enforce a psychiatric assessment. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to perform the Declaration of the Will in order to declare that we, as the living men and women do not agree with and/or consent to their unlawful demands and assertions.


Medical Proxy


The Medical Proxy is the important instrument to make sure that the dignity of the autographer is respected and the will of the autographer is unconditionally and without fail met and fulfilled.


Preventive Power of Attorney


The Preventive Power of Attorney makes sure, that the  plenipotentiaries dealing with matters concerning the will of of the patient, will meet the patients request, demands and will, to the best of their ability and the knowledge and hand.


Power of Attorney (4 Documents)


The Power of Attorney is inviolable only if all 4 documents are created as intended.